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What Are The Best Games For Nintendo Switch?

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What are the best games for Nintendo Switch? You may also be wondering what are the best Nintendo Switch games for young kids, or the best Nintendo Switch games for girls. The Switch has many awesome games to choose from. Part of the Switch’s success is that the console can appeal to everyone. The Switch has many family-friendly options. So it’s not a surprise that both the pandemic and the release of Animal Crossing New Horizons increased demand for the system. People were looking for an escape from quarantine. Demand for the system was so insane stores were sold out.

The initial excitement has died down now that things are slowly going back to normal. But, the Nintendo Switch is still an immensely popular platform, and Nintendo has created many family-friendly games. They will be introducing more popular titles at E3 2021. But there are already great games to snag now. So let us check out the most popular Nintendo Switch games.

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What Are The Best Games For Nintendo Switch?

The Definitive List

Animal Crossing New Horizons

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What are the best games for Nintendo Switch? Well, we must begin with Animal Crossing New Horizons of course! The adorable life simulation game has been a hit. The cuteness overload makes Animal Crossing one of the best Nintendo Switch games for girls. In the game, players create a human avatar. Your playable character moves to a deserted island with Nook Inc’s Deserted Island Getaway package. Once on the island, you are tasked with building it up. Each of your neighbors is a cute animal and they all have various personality types.

While living on your deserted Island you can design and create items. You can also terraform the land. So you can make your island look as unique as you want. The game also allows you to play with other players. Visiting another player’s island gives you the chance to shop in their stores, and participate in events. Islands can also be visited within dreams.

Animal Crossing New Horizons also includes holidays. Events for holidays are exciting, and Nintendo updates the game with new items. Holiday events like Halloween last the whole month of October. Players can trick-or-treat on other islands while wearing costumes.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Continued

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Relax while living on your island getaway. Learn to fish, catch bugs, and dig up fossils for the museum. The Animal Crossing series is known for its adorable characters and its easy gameplay. You can create your own orchard, or plant a vegetable garden. Playable characters can dive into the ocean and discover new creatures. Turning in those creatures will help you to complete your museum.

Animal Crossing New Horizons takes place in real-time. So you can chill on the beach in the summer, and frolic in the snow during winter. The cherry blossom season is gorgeous. You don’t want to miss the lovely pink blossoms as they spiral to the ground. All you need to do is pull out your bug net to catch cherry blossom leaves. Animal Crossing is one of the best Nintendo Switch games for young kids.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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Maybe Animal Crossing isn’t your style. So then what are the best games for the Nintendo Switch? Super Smash Bros. ultimate made a splash when it was first introduced. Is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate worth it? Well, the game is incredibly popular despite being on the market for three years. Fans make the game trend on Twitter almost daily. Their conversations are dominated by guessing which famous video game protagonist will be introduced next in the lineup. These conversations can become heated.

In fact, one of the most requested characters for Smash is Sora from Kingdom Hearts. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a fighting game. What makes the game fun are the ridiculous mashups. For example, you can play Mario and fight Sephiroth from Final Fantasy. The ridiculousness is what defines the game. Smash is a hodgepodge of the most popular, cute, and lethal video game characters that exist.

Included within Smash are video game characters from almost every popular franchise. The character roster is insane. Nintendo is still adding new fighters, and the battle is intense. Smash is easily one of the greatest games of all time. Hype for Smash is still going strong with no signs of letting up. Check out the Sephiroth reveal trailer from the Game Awards 2020 below!


New Pokemon Snap

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New Pokemon Snap is a relaxing and adorable game. The easy game is a reboot of a classic. Journey through different islands and discover Pokemon. Observe them in their natural habitat.

Take photos and enjoy watching the Pokemon do new actions. New Pokemon Snap is in 3D and features an open-world environment. You will feel as if you’re actually exploring the Lental region. Also, meet Professor Mirror and help him to uncover the mystery of the Illumina phenomenon.

Create your own Pokedex with the photos that you take. What are the best games for the Nintendo Switch? New Pokemon Snap is a cute, fun, and easy-going game. Fans of the original game will feel nostalgic while playing. The game is perfect for all Pokemon fans and is child-friendly. It’s also one of the best Nintendo Switch games for girls because of the adorable Pokemon.

Crash 4: It’s About Time

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You can’t have a list of the best games for the Nintendo Switch without talking about Crash. Old-school platformer games fell out of style once consoles began to have updated graphics. But, they’re beginning to see a small resurgence with games like Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart for the PS5 and Crash 4 on the scene.

Platformer games are fun and cartoony. Crash 4 doesn’t disappoint with its cartoonish and hilarious nature. Play multiple characters as you try to save the multiverse from Neo Cortex and n. Trophy. They’re launching an assault on the multiverse and it’s up to Crash and Coco to save the day. There are new abilities, multiple playable characters, and alternate dimensions to explore. Crash 4 is one of the best Nintendo Switch games for young kids. Any fan of Crash Bandicoot will love this game. So be sure to check it out!


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Have you ever wanted to play as your Mii? Well, in Miitopia you can. The game is a port from the Nintendo 3DS, and it’s awesome. Miitopia is a turn-based RPG. In the game, you create and customize your party and the villains. This can lead to truly hilarious results. You can also customize real people onto the Mii’s. So you can place the faces of your favorite celebrities within the game world.

Miitopia may be a port but it’s a good one. The graphics have been updated, and the game has added new customization options for your Mii’s. Also, there have been changes to the UI because the Switch doesn’t have two screens as the 3DS did. Regardless of the changes, nothing has been lost. In fact, Miitopia is one of the best ports for the Nintendo Switch. Being able to play as your little Mii is an enticing venture. Especially if you love light-hearted and fun games. Miitopia is one of the best Nintendo Switch games for young kids.

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury

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What are the best games for Nintendo Switch? Getting two games in one is good. Super Mario 3D World and Bowser’s Fury give your two fantastic adventures. Super Mario 3D World is bursting with color. Traverse through dozens of courses and collect stars along the way as you save the Sprixie Kingdom. New courses include The Great Goal Pole, Red-Hot Run, and the Champion’s Road. You can also compete with friends online to reach the goal of each stage.

Mario is on a quest to save Pixie Princesses that Bowser has captured. The game has new features like the Cat Suit which allows Mario to climb up walls. Cat Suit also gives Mario the power to skid through pathways, and to attack like a kitty.

In Bowser’s Fury, Mario teams up with Bowser Jr. to stop Bowser from an uncontrollable toxin. The toxin turns Bowser into Fury Bowser, and he sets his sights on destroying Lake Lapcat. Both Super Mario 3D World, and Bowser’s Fury are fun games to play alone or with kids. You can also play against your friends to see who’s better. Mario games are classics, and this Wii U port isn’t one to miss.


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We can’t talk about the best games for Nintendo Switch without Minecraft. The classic game is cute, fun, and easy to play. Place blocks and go on adventures. Build huge castles and simple homes. Survival mode offers crafting weapons and armor to fight mobs. With survival mode, you can mine deep into the world. Creative mode offers unlimited resources and can spawn a crazy amount of mobs.

Play with friends or family in multiplayer mode. The Nintendo Switch port of the game also features Super Mario Mash-Up, Biome Settlers Skin Pack, Natural Texture Pack, Campfire Tales Skin Pack, and Battle and Beasts Skin Pack. You have more tools than ever to build houses, mine products, build tools and weapons, raise animals, and fight monsters. Minecraft offers endless hours of fun and easy-going entertainment. It’s not only one of the best Nintendo Switch games for girls, but it’s a game the whole family is sure to love.

Monster Hunter Rise

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Monster Hunter Rise is one of the best games for Nintendo Switch. The action RPG takes place in the Kamura Village. The beautiful and calming mountain local attracts visitors because of its unique culture and hunting technologies. Hunters can play solo or with up to three other players.

Defeating monsters and progressing through the game gives players items from enemies. These items can be used to create armor and weapons which increase success. Monster Hunter Rise introduces a new set of tools. The “wirebug” can be used to aid hunters in aerial travel.

Choose between fourteen different weapons. Tackle difficult challenges in multiplayer mode. Furry companions like Palico (cat) and Palamute (dog) join you in battle. They’re also useful for helping you find crafting materials. Monster Hunter Rise includes countless hours of fun. It shares similarities to its predecessors but offers enough new abilities to stand on its own. If you enjoy action RPGs then you don’t want to miss Monster Hunter Rise on the Nintendo Switch.

Baldur’s Gate

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Baldur’s Gate set the standard for Dungeons and Dragons in computer games. As one of the best games for Nintendo Switch, you’ll be happy to know there are three games included. The games are Baldur’s Gate, Baldur’s Gate II, and Siege of Dragonspear.  Your customized hero must leave their home under mysterious circumstances. This draws you into a conflict that has the Sword Coast inching toward war. Play with a party and explore the Sword Coast.

The old-school PC game is seamlessly ported onto the Nintendo Switch. Fans of Baldur’s Gate will love this port, and new players in the series will be amazed by its epic world and story. Controls have translated smoothly from the PC to the Switch. So there should be no problems for old-time fans to adust to playing Baldur’s Gate on a console. The graphics look great. Plus, the portability of the Switch means you can take Baldur’s Gate anywhere you like. Snag this copy of the game if you’re missing the original version. It’s certainly more convenient than having to insert five discs into the computer to play.

Stardew Valley

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Animal Crossing isn’t the only adorable game that’s easy to play and fun. Startdew Valley allows you to build the farm of your dreams. As one of the best games for Nintendo Switch you can’t go wrong. Stardew Valley differs in that there aren’t any cute animal villagers. The cuteness overload makes Stardew Valley one of the best Nintendo Switch games for girls.

You’re able to buy a home and raise a family within the game. Pelican town has over 30 residents for your character to get to know. Relax by fishing and cooking in the game. There are vast caves to discover. Also, discover valuable treasures and dangerous monsters. Up to three players can live together in the valley.

The gameplay is fun, the characters are likable, and the soundtrack can’t be beaten. Stardew Valley is like Animal Crossing, but they’re different enough to warrant playing them both. It’s one of the best Nintendo Switch games for young kids. Building a farm and raising animals is a fun and innocent activity. The game is fantastic for anxiety and stress relief because you work at your own pace. Calming vibes make Stardew Valley a game you can’t miss.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

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What are the best games for Nintendo Switch? Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is insanely fun. Play the game in 4-player multiplayer as you race to the finish. The game is in glorious 1080p, and every track from the Wii U version and its DLC are available.

The game features returning favorites like King Boo, Dry Bones, and Bowser Jr. All-new characters called the Inklings are also available to play. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is the perfect game for family night. Sleepovers and long rides are also great times to play this game. The Mario games are classics and are family-friendly. A Mario game is guaranteed to be a blast. Beat your highest score, and race your friends. Don’t miss out on snagging Mario Kart 8, because it’s one of the best Nintendo Switch games for young kids.

 Super Mario Party

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Super Mario Party is one of the best Nintendo Switch games for young kids. Families can challenge each other in the 4-player multiplayer mode. The game is like a virtual game board.

Whoever gets the most stars wins the game. Dice are character-specific and have alternate numbering. There are dozens of mini-games that include hours of enjoyment. Laying two Switch’s flat beside each other allows you to play a unique tabletop game mode.

There are over 80 mini-games. You’ll actually need skill instead of luck to be a victor. Super Mario Party utilizes the joy-cons so you’ll want to make sure that you have enough to play with family or friends.

Kingdom Hearts Melody Of Memory

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Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory is the most recent Kingdom Hearts game. Dive into a celebration of the famous series’ music. Melody of Memory is a rhythm game. it’s one of the best games for Nintendo Switch because it’s fun and relaxing to play. Kingdom Hearts is a heart-warming series comprised of Disney and Final Fantasy characters. Melody of Memory is narrated by Kairi as she explains the story so far in Kingdom Hearts.

Yoko Shimomura’s outstanding musical score is the star in Melody of Memory. Play through memory dives of your favorite Kingdom Hearts scenes as you attempt to beat your score. Melody of Memory features a new version of Dearly Beloved that is sure to delight long-time fans of the series. Once you complete the main scenario, then you’ll be presented with new scenes. The cutscenes will answer burning questions about Sora’s whereabouts. and what’s coming next in the Kingdom Hearts series. Melody of Memory is one of the best Nintendo Switch games for girls because of the girl-power. Kairi is narrating, and Shimomura’s score is inspiring. Also, the Disney characters are cute.

What Are The Best Games For Nintendo Switch?

Why The Switch Is Family-Friendly

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The best games for Nintendo Switch depend on your tastes. If you’re looking for the best Nintendo Switch games for young kids then you’ll want to check out Animal Crossing, Pokemon, and Mario games. The best Nintendo Switch games for girls would include Animal Crossing, Minecraft, Stardew Valley, and Mario.

Nintendo has always excelled at creating video games that everyone can play. The console wars between Playstation and Xbox are extreme, but Nintendo doesn’t try to compete. Nintendo does a fantastic job of carving out its own niche within the gaming market. Catering to casual players, families, and non-gamers is a wise move.

Why the Switch Is Family-Friendly Continued

Everyone has the ability to play video games and enjoy the fun. By opening the floodgates to the world at large Nintendo has filled a need. The Nintendo Switch is amazing because it scratches the itch for consoles and handheld games. Gaming is focused either on major consoles or mobile games.

Handheld games are super fun to play. Nintendo was wise to create both the Switch and the Switch Lite. Rumors of a Nintendo Switch Pro have been swirling for months. If the rumors prove to be true, then Nintendo will most likely release the pro before the holiday season.

What Are The Best Games For Nintendo Switch?

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What are your favorite games for the Nintendo Switch? What games do you think are the best Nintendo Switch games for young kids? Also, which games do you think are the best Nintendo Switch games for girls? Please feel free to leave a comment below with your thoughts.

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