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Is The Kingdom Hearts TV Show Happening?

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Is the Kingdom Hearts TV show episode 1 happening? Rumors of a Kingdom Hearts Disney+ show have swirled since 2020. Industry insiders first reported on the supposed show on Twitter. Ever since then things have gone quiet. All we know is that Kingdom Hearts is currently in the series’ second phase.

According to Kingdom Hearts director, Tetsuya Nomura, the series doesn’t have any new games coming out in 2021. But, a new project could be announced especially because the Kingdom Hearts series’ 20th anniversary is in 2022.

Kingdom Hearts is famous for its emotional story and its unique blend of Disney and Final Fantasy characters. Cutscenes within the game feel like movies. The game series also has a manga adaptation.

If the Kingdom Hearts tv show episode 1 premieres that excitement would be epic. Let’s discuss the Kingdom Hearts tv show.

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Is The Kingdom Hearts TV Show Happening?

What Could The Show Be About?

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What could the Kingdom Hearts tv show episode 1 possibly be about? Well, the series has many directions it could take. The show could be based upon the Kingdom Hearts manga. The manga is essentially a retelling of the narrative. But, it’s not considered canon and the humor is more adult in nature. The manga is praised for characterization. And, it’s also not uncommon to turn manga into anime.

Besides the manga, Kingdom Hearts also has Union X. The mobile game contains important information for the future of the Kingdom Hearts series. Not everyone played the mobile game. Perhaps an anime could be a way to make Union X more accessible.

Side games in the series like Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and Kingdom Hearts coded were released as movies on the HD collections. Turning side games like Days and coded into movies, allowed more fans to catch up with the plot before Kingdom Hearts III. Doing this was a great idea because the side games are known to be released on different platforms.

Turning Union X into an anime would be exciting. The mobile entry introduced new characters and plot twists. The most prolific of these new characters is the Master of Masters. Fans have speculated about his true identity. A popular theory is that the Master of Masters is Sora. But, the only clues we have are his mannerisms and developers’ interviews. All we know is that the Master of Masters is someone we’ve seen before. This could certainly be an interesting premise in a TV show. Especially if we discover more about his past.

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Are TV Shows And Movies The Next Trend In The Gaming Industry?

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A Kingdom Hearts TV show might not be too far-fetched. Television shows and movie adaptations are the next trends in the gaming industry. Popular shows like The Witcher on Netflix are a prime example. Lately, more gaming franchises have announced television shows and movies. So it could be a sign that Hollywood is out of ideas, but for the gaming community, this new trend is exciting.

Video game movies like Detective Pikachu and Sonic the Hedgehog have renewed faith in the quality of movies based on video games. In fact, Detective Pikachu has a sequel in the works. Franchises like Uncharted and Metal Gear Solid have promising movies and TV shows coming soon.

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New Gaming Industry Trend Continued

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Netflix is also creating an anime about Tomb Raider. The streaming service also has a deal with Blizzard Entertainment. And, the popular gaming company is rumored to have a second World of Warcraft movie in development with Legendary. So it could be interesting to see what video game franchises will be adapted next.

Also, there is a Final Fantasy live-action TV show reported to be in the works. The show will be produced by Sony Pictures Television, Square Enix, and Hivemind. Information about the live-action show has been quiet. But, if the show comes to fruition it will be based on Final Fantasy XIV which is Square Enix’s popular MMO. The show would also be streamed on Amazon Prime.

Gaming is more popular than ever. Especially with the current pandemic. People who don’t usually play video games have decided to become immersed in their fantastical worlds. Many games like Animal Crossing New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch, and popular MMO’s like Final Fantasy XIV and World of Warcraft had unprecedented growth since 2020. Gaming was the escape everyone needed to forget the global pandemic and to pass the time while everyone was stuck in quarantine.

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Is The Kingdom Hearts TV Show Happening?

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Do you think the Kingdom Hearts TV show is happening? Would you be excited if it happens? Please feel free to leave a comment below.

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