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How Did Kingdom Hearts Union X End?

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How did Kingdom Hearts Union X end? Yesterday, the mobile game received its final update in Japan. Global is still waiting for the release of our update. This post will contain spoilers for the ending of Union X. If you’d like to avoid spoilers then you should stop reading now.

The mobile game’s conclusion was shocking. When Union X was first started in 2015 we never imagined how it would end. At the time fans were eagerly awaiting news of Kingdom Hearts III. The wait for Kingdom Hearts III created outrageous hype. Not everyone took the mobile game seriously. Even I was guilty of picking it up and dropping it for long periods of time.

Nevertheless, Union X has certainly cemented itself as one of Kingdom Hearts’ best entries relating to the story. The future of Kingdom Hearts is bright. Union X has done an awesome job setting up Kingdom Heart’s second phase.

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How Did Kingdom Hearts Union X End?

Questions Answered

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Kingdom Hearts Union X ended on a high note. We finally received answers to many questions. The game also introduced more questions which are standard for a Kingdom Hearts game. There are several things everyone is talking about. One involves the player character’s fate.

Our player characters sacrificed themselves to ensure that the darknesses would be trapped within a digital world. They accomplished this by pretending to be controlled by the darkness so that Ephemer would open a portal and send them through. As a result of our player’s sacrifice, we learn that Dream Eaters are all the Keyblade wielders and their Chirithy that have chosen to sleep.

The player character decides to move on instead of sleeping. So our player character’s heart is reborn in a new vessel. The biggest shocker was that our player character’s heart became Xehanort. Fans have long joked that every character in Kingdom Hearts is either Xehanort or Sora. No one expected that to become true.

We see a baby Xehanort as his mother hands him off to an old man. The old man’s face is covered by a robe. He takes baby Xehanort to Destiny Islands, and when Xehanort is older, then the old man falls to the ground and dies.

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Questions Answered Continued

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How did Kingdom Hearts Union X end? We also learned that Brain is Luxu. There’s a scene where Luxu is dragging the box and removes his hood. The scene occurs later in the timeline because after Brain escapes within the pod he ends up in Scala Ad Caelum in a different time period.

A new character named Sigurd greets him and explains that Brain was fated to arrive there. We see a statue of Master Ephemer who is said to be the first Keyblade Master and the founder of Scala Ad Caelum.

Union X also shows us where certain characters end up. Lauriam wakes up in Dwarf Woodlands in a flower glade. Elrena is shown in Enchanted Dominion near Maleficient’s castle. Then Ventus is shown in the Keyblade Graveyard as a mysterious dark figure approaches him. We are not shown Skuld’s location.

The Master of Masters also revealed to Luxu that the darkness is inside of the foretellers. Luxu is horrified to learn that the foretellers are being sacrificed. After Luxu exits the scene, the Master of Masters says that Luxu is the traitor.

We also see a scene where the Master of Masters is talking to Darkness. He says that soon he’ll disappear to a world the darkness knows nothing about. The Master of Masters references a fictional world as to where this location will be.

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Theories And Musings

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New questions have now arisen from the ending. Who is Sigurd? Is Ephemer the Master of Masters?  How did Brain’s appearance change to look like Xigbar’s? Also, does this mean our player character is responsible for killing people if they’re Xehanort?

My theory is that Ephemer isn’t the Master of Masters. Ephemer being proclaimed as the first Keyblade Master in Scala Ad Caelum is probably a red herring. We never saw the Master of Masters remove his hood. The character did state he was going to disappear into a fictional world. My guess is he’s either Yozora, Luxord, or Lea. Check out my theory post about the Master of Master’s here.

Skuld is most likely still Subject X. Although Xehanort’s mother had a similar look to Skuld their eyes are different. The old man who took baby Xehanort could be Ephemer. Also, it’s fitting that Lauriam landed in a field of flowers, and that Elrena landed on a stormy mountain.

The darknesses have probably escaped from the digital world. Since the player character becomes Xehanort, maybe he still has our character’s memories within his heart. This would mean that Xehanort would’ve known where the darknesses were. If that’s the case, maybe he freed the darknesses from their prison so he could further his plans.

Also, Sigurd could be a character from Dark Road. The only problem with this theory is that Scala Ad Caelum looks different during Brain’s visit. It’s possible that Brain landed on a different island in Scala, but we didn’t view enough of the world to know for sure.

How Did Kingdom Hearts Union X End?

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What did you think of Kingdom Hearts Union X’s ending? Do you have any theories for what’s coming next? Please feel free to leave a comment below with your thoughts.

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