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Who Is The Master Of Masters In Kingdom Hearts?

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Who is the Master of Masters in Kingdom Hearts? The Master of Masters (MoM) is an intriguing character from Kingdom Hearts Union X (Cross). He wears a black coat and keeps his face covered. We’ve learned from Kingdom Hearts Union X that the MoM ultimate goal is to defeat the darkness.

The Master of Master’s goal to destroy darkness is interesting because this means he might be a hero. His methods are questionable. He gives each of the seven foretellers a mission to carry out. Also, each one of them has a copy of the Book of Prophecies. The book contains details of future events. By giving Luxu his Keyblade with the eye inside, it allows the Master of Masters to record what is going to happen.

We know from Union X that the Master of Masters has time traveled. Also, he may not be using his original body. The Kingdom Hearts series has replicas, nobodies, and heartless running around. So it wouldn’t be completely crazy to believe that the MoM could be using a body that isn’t his own.

Let’s talk about possible identities.

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Who Is The Master Of Masters In Kingdom Hearts?

The Most Guessed Person: Sora

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Sora is the most speculated candidate to be the Master of Masters.  If Sora was the MoM and he wanted to destroy the darkness then it could work. One argument in favor is that Sora and the MoM share the same mannerisms.

The Master of Masters doesn’t move anything like Sora. His mannerisms are closer to Demyx. That’s not to say that Demyx is the Master of Masters. In fact, none of the obvious choices are probably going to be the answer.

There is speculation that Sora created a paradox in Kingdom Hearts III. If that’s true, then he could potentially be the Master of Masters if he went back in time. There’s a glaring problem with this theory. Sora is an “ordinary boy.” What makes Sora special is that he’s not special at all. Also, Sora wouldn’t have allowed children to die in the Keyblade War. The behavior would be out of character for Sora.

Another thing is that Young Xehanort didn’t recognize Sora when they first met. We know that he never saw the MoM’s face, but shouldn’t he have recognized Sora’s voice?

We don’t know for sure if the Master of Masters is evil, but we definitely know he’s mischievous. Unless Sora decided to do a complete personality shift from his kind and helpful nature, then there’s no way he’s the Master of Masters.

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The Next Most Guessed Person: Demyx

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So, if Sora isn’t the MoM, then who is the Master of Masters in Kingdom Hearts? Demyx is a popular guess. His mannerisms are similar to the Master of Masters unlike Sora’s. We also don’t know much about Demyx’s origins.

Even the character himself joked in Kingdom Hearts III that he’s so off everyone’s radar that no one was paying him any attention. If he’s the Master of Masters it would work out for him that no one takes him seriously.

We’re first introduced to Demyx in Kingdom Hearts II. Demyx fights Sora in Hollow Bastion, and he causes trouble in the Underworld. He’s a nobody. When the heart is consumed by darkness, it becomes a creature called, heartless. The shell, which is the body, is left behind and becomes a nobody.

Demyx had a habit of fumbling and talking to himself. Sora ends up mocking him in Hollow Bastion because he couldn’t take Demyx seriously. The joke was on Sora though, because Demyx was pretty tough to beat. His tagline, Dance water, dance, is seared into the brains of everyone who had the misfortune of experiencing his fight. Those water forms of Demyx’s pack a punch.

He’s probably not the Master of Masters because the character is a red-herring. If the director of Kingdom Hearts, Tetsuya Nomura, wanted it to be easy to guess the MoM’s identity then he wouldn’t have kept it secret for so many years. Demyx’s origins are certainly suspicious, but that doesn’t mean he’s the Master of Masters.

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Third In Line: Luxord

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Luxord is suspicious. When wondering who is the Master of Masters in Kingdom Hearts, we must take a look at him. We don’t know why Luxord joined Organization XIII. He’s a nobody.

In Kingdom Hearts III: Re Mind, we discover Luxord is in the secret ending. The secret ending changes depending on whether Sora defeats Yozora in the boss fight. If Sora wins the fight, then we have a scene where Yozora is sleeping within the back seat of a car. Luxord can be heard saying, “Commander, impressive, is it, not?”

The ending introduces a new wave of theories. In Melody of Memory, we discover Sora is in a fictional world called Quadratum. This means that Luxord and Yozora are from that place. If Luxord is the Master of Masters, then this means he traveled through time and visited different worlds and realms.

This could tie into a popular theory about the six willful darknesses. Maybe Yozora is one of those six darknesses, and Luxord, if he’s the Master of Masters, is keeping an eye on him for a reason. After all, the MoM wanted to destroy the darkness. Luxord being the Master of Masters is more plausible than Sora. We’ve seen Luxord play the long game before, and he’d most likely be playing another one.

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Who Is The Master Of Masters In Kingdom Hearts: More Possible Options

Ansem the Wise

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Ansem the Wise (DiZ – Darkness in Zero) is a scientist who conducted studies on the heart. His experiments created the emblem heartless.

Who is the Master of Masters in Kingdom Hearts? Well, Ansem the Wise is a possibility. What if he was conducting experiments on the heart to destroy the darkness?

This theory isn’t taking the Secret Ansem reports into account. That’s because the MoM’s probably wouldn’t have wanted proof of his true origins laying around for Sora to find. We know that Ansem the Wise can be cold and calculating. He exhibited this behavior quite frequently during Chain of Memories, Days, and Kingdom Hearts II.

According to Ansem the Wise, all nobodies didn’t deserve to exist. So he considered them expendable. The Master of Masters displays this type of attitude towards the events of Union X. He doesn’t seem to care that children are going to perish during the Keyblade War. Nor does he care if the foretellers destroy each other searching for the traitor.

By the end of Kingdom Hearts II, Ansem the Wise has begun to change. He shows remorse for how he treated the nobodies like Roxas and Namine. The next time we see him is in Blank Points at the end of Birth by Sleep. Ansem the Wise is speaking with Aqua in the Realm of Darkness. It’s there where we can hear more of his regret, and how he hopes that Sora can fix his mistakes.

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Captain Jack Sparrow

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Who is the Master of Masters in Kingdom Hearts? One crazy theory involves Captain Jack Sparrow. The idea originates from Kingdom Hearts II when Jack held onto Sora’s Keyblade. Jack said one day he and a bloodthirsty crew would come after Sora to take his magical weapon.

Jack doesn’t appear to remember saying this because in Kingdom Hearts III he never mentions taking Sora’s Keyblade. For this article, we’re going to assume that Jack didn’t mention it because he doesn’t reveal his true identity.

The problem with this theory is that Jack Sparrow isn’t a Keyblade Master. One could argue that Sora could have unintentionally passed on the ability to wield a Keyblade as Aqua did for Kairi. Sora wasn’t considered a master in Kingdom Hearts II, and he failed his Mark of Mastery exam in Dream Drop Distance (DDD).

So Jack could’ve potentially gained the ability to wield a Keyblade from Sora, and then traveled to the past. In fact, maybe he was in Davy Jone’s Locker because that’s where he ended up in the present day. Besides the fact that Jack Sparrow is a Disney character, and he could indeed be the Master of Masters. It’s rare for a Disney villain except for Maleficient, to be important to the plot. Maybe Captain Jack Sparrow will be the other exception.

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Axel was introduced in Chain of Memories. His motives were unclear. Axel gave Sora a hard time. We don’t learn until Days that Saix gave Axel orders to dispose of certain members.

Then we learn in Birth by Sleep, that Axel and Saix were old friends. They had been working together to free a young girl (Subject X) from Ansem the Wise’s experiments.

So, who is the Master of Masters in Kingdom Hearts? Axel could be the Master of Masters’s because he’s complicated. He once told Roxas and Xion that he didn’t like things to be complicated, but Axel is a literal walking ball of irony. Throughout the course of the series, he’s been connected to the Organization, Subject X, and Namine.

Axel is adept at hiding his motives. The fiery character is also good at hiding his skills. If Axel is the Master of Masters it would add another layer of complexity to an already popular character. He was able to summon his own Keyblade. We know the Master of Masters is a Keyblade wielder, and that he walks a thin line between good and evil. Our favorite red-headed bad boy would be a fun choice if he’s the Master of Masters.

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Could It Be A Final Fantasy Character?



Who is the Master of Masters in Kingdom Hearts? A Final Fantasy character is a possibility. Kingdom Hearts series director, Tetsuya Nomura, was once slated to direct Final Fantasy XV. But, his original conceptual idea is still floating around.

You can actually catch a glimpse of Nomura-san’s original idea in the Re Mind secret movie. When Yozora wakes up in the car after fighting Sora in a dream, the whole scene plays out the same as Final Fantasy XV’s original concept. The ending is made even more fascinating if you’re searching for symbolism.

The secret movie is titled “Falsus Rex” which means False King in Latin. Noctis was a prince in Final Fantasy XV. Also, crown and throne symbolism is displayed all over Kingdom Hearts’ official artwork. This has led some fans to speculate that Yozora is connected to Noctis. Maybe Noctis is the Master of Masters, and Yozora could be his nobody. Quadratum could be the world that Yozora was “born” like how Roxas was born in Twilight Town.

After all, Sora was never meant to wield the Keyblade. The awakening segment of Kingdom Hearts I tells Sora that someday he will open the door to light. Riku was the original intended recipient of the Kingdom Key, but his heart had fallen to darkness. So the Keyblade moved down the line to Sora since he was holding Ventus’s heart.

Maybe Yozora said he will save Sora because he’s read the Book of Prophecies. If he’s the Master of Masters, then he would know what type of danger is coming Sora’s way.

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Who Is The Master Of Masters In Kingdom Hearts?


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